How I help you

Gemma Quinnell's will help you inspire others through dance. Here's how.

Whether you are passionate about dance and want to earn money from doing something you love...
If you are an experienced dance teacher who just wants more exposure or more students...

Then having the necessary skills is critical to making these dreams happen and I am dedicated to helping you do just that!

Dedication is only the first step to running a successful Dance business.

The key to success is to gain exposure and share your skills, earning enough money to make your dreams a full-time reality...but just how do you do this?

Some people make it look so easy – and here's the thing – it is! Dance and Business absolutely work together! In Dance – YOU are the produce so I'll show you why it's not only possible but crucial to use digital and social media to take your career to the next level. Dance is not reserved just for people with a big budget or from an entertaining family.

As a professional dancer and choreographer for many years and a Fellow Dance Teacher, I understand how challenging our industry is

Work as a dancer isn't just gained through training – looks, height and appearance are all highly considered attributes too. Plus new trends and styles mean more competition. BUT it can also mean more scope for work!

One of the key aspects to success in dance is making a name for yourself. It's often about WHO you know than WHAT you know. For those passionate about theatre styles, there are full-term colleges where you can learn to hone your talents BUT for those of us who prefer styles such as Ballroom, Freestyle or Rock & Roll... where do we fit in?

I will give you the skills you need to set up your own dance school in these styles, or work as a teacher or choreographer on behalf of someone else. If you really want to work in the industry you love, then I can absolutely guide you to do this!

Here are just some of the people I have helped >