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I'm Gemma Quinnell, a Fellow of the IDTA, Fitness Trainer, Tutor, Assessor and Mentor.

What I Offer

I offer high quality training to professionals who want to sustain long-term careers in this industry.

I went from dancer to leading trainer in less than five years!

I'm here to show you how to shortcut your way to longevity in the health, fitness or dance industry and share the secrets of how you can increase your client numbers, raise your profile and boost your income.

Why Listen to Me? Here's Five Reasons!

1) I've done it myself! I've worked all over the world, in all sorts of environments from cruise ships to gyms… and I know the market.

2) I understand how to break down the skills I've learnt through my dance and fitness careers into easy steps to share with you.

3) I make staying up–to-date with fitness and dance trends an integral part of my business.

4) I will make sure you don't make the mistakes that many have, which may hold you back from reaching your full potential

5) I have successfully made my name taking on the 'big boys' to be one of the most successful training providers in the UK.

My philosophy

Every single person is unique - so of course I believe that every single dance and fitness professional is unique too!

"One size fits all" training is therefore never going to be the 'perfect fit' for anyone!

Over the years I have been stung by second-rate training which has resulted in me having to re-train over and over…and the experience has cost me far more in time and money than if I had just done it right first time!

In the dance world (which is often more cattle-call than casting-call) it has often felt impossible to stand out from the crowd.

Therefore I believe it is vital to work with each individual – get to know them – get to know their personality – and here's the thing… focus on their strengths – because after all it's the strengths that make people fly – their individual talents that make them stand out.

If you're serious about working in Health, Fitness or Dance, take your first step…

Book a Skype Call me with me (it's FREE!) and you'll also get updates to my blog, full of useful tips and resources to help you… oh – I'll even throw in a copy of my E-book "How To Get Clients Faster".

I can also help you as an individual to achieve your goals, here's how >